Mirriad In-Video

Our world-class technology

makes in-video advertising accessible for any organization. You can manage and deliver large-scale in-video campaigns in premium content, with all relevant data at your fingertips.

This is our unique three-part technology solution:

Mirriad in-video ad unit

10 seconds of quality brand exposure, sold and measured on an audience basis. Each unit meets standards for:

We manage and measure visual impact automatically

We can embed your brand messaging, products and video

Mirriad In-Video Advertising


Our secure enterprise-class platform presents available ad inventory by audience, ad unit impressions, brand relevance, flight, frequency and budget. It provides a frictionless experience for planning, buying and executing large-scale campaigns across multiple shows and episodes.

On the Mirriad In-Video Platform, agencies and content distributors are able to:

Choose available relevant content

Set flight dates and budget

Approve ad units to ensure brand safety

See campaign performance metrics

Optimize campaign performance

Genius Technology

Our Academy Award winning team have merged advanced video technology, AI, and an enterprise-class platform to deliver the magic that is Mirriad In-Video Advertising


We use computer-vision algorithms to automatically track and analyze video for embedding.


Our algorithms use machine-learning techniques to automatically annotate video metadata and suggest ad location


We can deliver multiple brand creatives into the same
in-video ad, targeting different demographics and personalizing the ad to the viewer.


Our platform collects delivery data on all our ad units to provide clear campaign results

What can Mirriad do for you?

for Advertisers

Reach highly engaged viewers with a next gen campaign


Find new ways to monetize content

for Content PRODUCERS

Grow revenue without interrupting the story

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