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Mirriad Advertising PLC (“Mirriad”) seeks to make its website as accessible as possible and has built the site with the following in mind:

  • the web pages are designed to be viewed on a wide range of screen resolutions;
  • you can vary the text size by using your browser’s zoom option (usually in your browser settings);
  • all necessary images have been given descriptive alternative text tags;
  • we have used text and background colour combinations that are sufficient in contrast;
  • the page structure is easy to navigate by using a clear and user-friendly menu that is visible on each page of the site and uses HTML headings;
  • Cascading Style Sheets control the presentation of pages and we have used properly structured markup for content. If style sheets are not supported or are turned off, information on the site can still be accessed and read;
  • all forms and fields follow a logical sequence to ensure easy completion;

The website has been tested to work in all major browsers: latest editions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge across all key devices including tablets and phones, using responsive layouts.
The website validates in W3C where possible.

If you find a part of our site that is difficult to use please contact us so that we can continue to improve our overall accessibility. Alternatively, the following tips may be useful:

The text is too small for me to read – how can I change it?

Mozilla Firefox: Go to Options (denoted by the burger menu in the top right of the browser) and select Zoom and the percentage you require.
Microsoft Edge: Go to Options (denoted by a vertical line of three dots in the top right of the browser) and select Zoom and the percentage you require.
Google Chrome: Go to Options (denoted by a vertical line of three dots in the top right of the browser) and select Zoom and the percentage you require.

The mouse is difficult to use – how can I get around the website?

  • You can navigate your way to selected areas of our site using your keyboard.
  • You can use the arrow keys to help you with scrolling up and down a page.
  • You can also move up and down pages by using the Page Up and Page Down keys.
  • Using the Home and End keys will take you to the top and bottom of pages, respectively.
  • You may also use the Tab key to jump between links on a page.

I cannot download or view certain documents from the website – how can I get them?

Some documents require specific programs installed on your computer in order to view them. For example .pdf documents require the Adobe Reader program which you can download from www.adobe.com

If you are unable to open or view documents using the following files types then you may require Microsoft Office products or an update to your software package:

.docx (Microsoft Word)
.xslx (Microsoft Excel)
.pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint)
The Microsoft Office suite or individual readers are available to purchase here: office.microsoft.com.


Which web browsers are best for viewing the website?

This website is designed to function on the most up-to-date version of the following desktop browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

Useful links

To learn more about web accessibility visit:

w3.org/wai – W3C accessibility guidelines
www.rnib.org.uk – The Royal National Institute for the Blind
www.legislation.gov.uk – The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (DDA)