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what does mirriad do?

The leader in virtual in-content product placement and advertising, Mirriad’s multi-patented and award-winning platform virtually inserts products and brands into Television, SVOD/AVOD, Music, and Influencer content. Mirriad creates net new revenue opportunities for content owners with its new ad format that drives exceptional performance for advertisers and dramatically improves the viewing experience. The company provides partners with a premium solution that is contextually appropriate, unobtrusive, and cannot be skipped.

Mirriad currently operates in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and India.

How are virtual product placement and in-content advertising different from traditional advertising?

Unlike traditional ad formats, virtual in-content product placement and advertising do not interrupt the viewing experience and blend seamlessly into the content, fostering positive perceptions among audiences. Studies show that viewers prefer in-content advertising 7x over traditional TV ads. According to Kantar, the format is preferred for its natural feel and its ability to enhance the viewer experience, leading to higher purchase intentions and boosting actual purchase by up to 35%.

Independent Kantar research recently found that a substantial 86% of all viewers are taking actions to avoid TV and video advertising across broadcast and network TV, streaming, and online video. In contrast, viewers feel more positive about in-content advertising from Mirriad and take no steps to avoid this ad format.

The Kantar research found that on average, viewers who feel positive about their ad experience are much more likely to purchase an advertiser’s product, resulting in a 61% higher incidence of adding products to the shopping cart, 40% higher online purchase, and 27 % higher in-store purchase.

What is programmatic advertising, and why is it important?

Programmatic advertising involves using automated technology for media buying. Mirriad's shift to programmatic advertising, expected in H1 2024, will enhance its ability to deliver advertising at scale, meeting its long-term objectives. 

Can Mirriad really insert brands into content without extra permissions?

Yes, Mirriad works with rights-cleared content. Our partnerships with broadcasters, distributors, and brands involve content that is pre-cleared for in-content advertising insertions. Our platform ensures that these placements are contextual, impactful, and feel natural within the content.

Who are Mirriad's competitors?

While there are companies attempting in-content advertising, Mirriad stands out due to its multi-patented platform, scale of operation, and quality of execution. With a portfolio of over 60 premium content partners, we are set apart as a market leader. 

Who is Mirriad’s CEO and can you share some insights about his journey and role at Mirriad?

Stephan Beringer is the CEO of Mirriad, joining in October 2018. He belongs to a small group of executives who’ve successfully worked across multiple disciplines in marketing and communication from creative, account leadership, strategy and business development to technology, data, media and digital. Stephan is regarded as a true digital pioneer and as one of the leading forward-thinkers in the marketing, communication, and technology industries worldwide with a proven track record of re-engineering businesses multiple times.

Read an exclusive interview with Stephan Beringer here.

How does Mirriad's AI-powered platform stand out in the competition?

Mirriad's platform allows dynamic, scalable virtual product placement, leveraging AI and computer vision technologies. It offers a unique viewing experience that augments content without disrupting it, contrasting sharply with traditional advertising. The solution enables brand integrations that complement the narrative and enhance viewer engagement.

How does Mirriad work with diverse media suppliers?

Mirriad has built the first-ever Diverse Supplier Marketplace, an aggregate of 40+ Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Pacific Islander (AAPI), LGBTQIA+ owned, Women-owned, and/or targeted media suppliers. This breakthrough solution empowers the diverse media community with an incremental revenue stream while enabling brands to accelerate, scale, and track their diverse media campaigns and spend commitments. 

In 2023, the Diverse Supplier Marketplace expanded by almost 50% and major advertisers such as L’Oréal, P&G, Lexus, and PepsiCo worked closely with Mirriad to virtually place products, signage, and messaging that are thoughtfully inserted to create an authentic and contextually relevant experience through Mirriad-run campaigns.

How did Mirriad begin?

Mirriad's solution was first deployed in feature films. After being perfected for advertising, the platform is now live in over 11 counties, with more than 100 global brands and 60+ premium content partners. The AI-powered platform has earned numerous industry awards and is supported by dozens of brand effectiveness studies conducted by Kantar, Nielsen, and other leading research firms.

What are the core values and mission of Mirriad?

Mirriad's core values include openness, fairness, respect, curiosity, and the encouragement of a culture of experimentation and innovation. Mirriad’s mission is to provide new revenues to the content industry with a revolutionary advertising solution that is easy to integrate and scale and that will instantly enable new levels of impact for advertisers, while making viewers happy. 

In a digitally-led community, how does the intersection of technology and content enhance growth?

Mirriad's platform facilitates authentic and relevant content experiences, allowing for audience-specific customization. The evolving digital landscape offers opportunities for innovation, especially in leveling up contextual relevance for every individual. This intersection is key to engaging newer generations and evolving media habits.

How do you plan to fulfill the evolving needs of the digital age, particularly for NEW generationS?

Understanding the preferences and media habits of Gen Z and the emerging Gen Alpha is crucial. They favor video search, and social platforms, and are influenced by a demonstrated commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Mirriad plans to harness technology and media to create relevant and engaging experiences for this demographic.

What brands and content owners currently partner with Mirriad?

Mirriad is engaged in partnerships with a broad spectrum of global advertising partners, agencies, and content owners. On the advertiser side, Mirriad works with renowned brands such as Lexus, L’Oréal, DoorDash, Nissan, Best Buy, and numerous others, many of which also engage with us within our Diverse Supplier Marketplace such as P&G and PepsiCo. On the supply side, Mirriad is working with many international media players and leading music labels, and with six of the top ten media companies in the United States.
Mirriad places great value on the confidentiality of our clients, and as a result, we are unable to disclose the names of many of our world-class partners publicly.

How can advertisers and content owners work with Mirriad?

Those interested in working with us may contact us at sales@mirriad.com or visit our Advertiser or Content Owner page.

How can I stay up to date with Mirriad?

Please follow us on LinkedIn and X to get Mirriad news and announcements.


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