TF1 Pub and SEAT win ‘Data and Creativity Grand Prix’ for Automotive category

TF1 PUB and SEAT win the ‘Data and Creativity Grand Prix’ in the automotive category thanks to Mirriad’s innovative new advertising format.

SEAT is the first advertiser to inaugurate the virtual product placement offer in a leading French saga, Tomorrow Belongs to Us, on TF1, a campaign managed by the teams of TF1 LIVE and the Fuse agency Re-Mind PHD.

Based on a new technology developed by Mirriad, this unique advertising format in France, allows advertisers to insert the visual elements of a brand through product and signage ad insertions in content.

The campaign ran between January and April 2019 in the series Tomorrow Belongs to Us with a total of 8 brand insertions, naturally embedded in the content after it was produced, in the form of street posters, magazines, and the automaker’s website displayed on a computer screen.

The TF1 PUB teams are honored for the recognition for an offering that allows brands to innovate their advertising.