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Mirriad is the leading in-content advertising solution. Built on Academy Award Winning Entertainment Technology and powered by a unique fusion of data, AI, cultural reach and limitless creativity, that enables complete control for brands to curate the perfect moment in content.

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City Am Mirriad In-content advertising solution

“The content is where people are engaged and passionate. That’s the space we’re working on. It’s the biggest white space ever… the opportunity is quite vast.” — Stephan Beringer, CEO, Mirriad

The Drum Mirriad In-content advertising solution

For brands, it’s an amazing new opportunity because they can run their campaigns in the hottest content properties around.” — Stephan Bringer, CEO, Mirriad

“It’s always about that triangulation in terms of getting this full alignment between the viewer of the brand and the content owner who has conceived the content, and therein lies the magic and therein lies the science.” — Stephen Beringer, CEO, Mirriad

Mirriad & BBC

“The opportunity to carve open a new revenue stream is rare, and the ability to retrospectively use existing content and build new content with it in mind is exciting.” — James Sandom, managing director, Red Light Management

The Times Mirriad In-content advertising solution

In the future brands will have the ability with our algorithms to programme very specific new opportunities to help their brands come to life in content.” — Stephen Beringer, CEO, Mirriad

Marketing Dive Mirriad In-content advertising solution

Mirriad offers a solution where we can connect with our consumers in the content that they’re actually already engaged in.” — Kate Brady, head of media innovation and partnership development, PepsiCo.

Music Week Mirriad In-content advertising solution

“The sheer number of ads we’re confronted with every day is so staggering that people are increasingly tuning them out. Whether they’re using ad-blockers, subscribing to ad-free video on demand services or simply ignoring them, the impact is disastrous for brands.” — Stephan Beringer, CEO, Mirriad