The Music Alliance teams exciting global brands, artists and music industry pioneers to uniquely drive creativity and fresh revenue streams

"We are excited to partner with Mirriad and feel privileged to be at the cutting edge opening up an innovative medium of new revenue in the music community.”

James Sandom, Managing Director, Red Light Management

"Experience showed us the worth, creativity and seamlessness Mirriad’s technology provides. It’s going to be an invaluable tool for the industry that’s seeking lucrative and dynamic opportunities to support its artists.”

Martin Toher, co-founder, B-Unique

“With Mirriad’s highly customisable platform, we have the ability to insure that artists’ and brands’ interests are aligned while we remain focused on presenting fans with the most compelling music experience possible.”

Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO, Universal Music Group

“Mirriad offered us an innovative solution to meet our consumers where they are by seamlessly placing Tecate in content we know they listen to and enjoy."

Oscar Martinez, Senior Brand Director, Tecate

Tecate choose Mirriad to immerse their brand into multicultural music content

Good content should never be left to rot. Using some Mirriad magic we’re resurrecting brands of the past

Mirriad launches the Music Alliance connecting artists, brands and fans

Introducing the Music Alliance, connecting artists, brands and fans to drive creativity and revenue.

Kodaline collaborate with Mirriad and UNICEF to create ‘Say Something’ video

The first project from an exciting new partnership between the band’s label, B-Unique Records, and Mirriad, to develop and harness in-content advertising for music artists using different streaming and social platforms.