London – July 28, 2017 – Video monetization leader Mirriad signals strong global growth with a number of strategic new hires announced today. Rebekah Audic of LoveLive and Getty Images is taking the helm at Mirriad’s New York headquarters as Global Head of Marketing, while top talent from Alibaba, Google and Snapchat are among new hires leading Mirriad operations in three of the world’s fastest growing video markets: China, India and Brazil.

Since launching in 2008, Mirriad has grown from six staff members to nearly 100 in R&D and operations globally, rapidly commercializing its award-winning technology platform and adapting to meet the complex and constantly changing world of video advertising. Led by CEO Mark Popkiewicz and Non-Executive Chairman Roger Faxon, Mirriad successfully meets the needs of the global ad industry head on through significant investments in technology and partnerships with industry leading visionary customers.

Rebekah Audic now joins Mirriad leadership as Global Head of Marketing, and is charged with providing marketing leadership across Mirriad’s global businesses, to maximize commercial performance. She joins Mirriad from video content agency LoveLive, where she led brand marketing communications and content. Prior to LoveLive, she was Director of Brand & Marketing for Getty Images.

“With rampant ad blocking, shorter attention spans, splintered audiences and concerns around brand safety, the 30-second spot is no longer the de facto form of advertising. The industry is at a tipping point and Mirriad is one of the few companies with the technology, vision and global network to herald us into the new era of advertising,” says Audic. “I am excited to be a part of this incredible team and do my part in helping shape and guide the future growth and development of Mirriad.”

Mirriad is also bringing in top talent to manage operations and drive strategy in China, India and Brazil – three critical and burgeoning markets:

• GM China: James. J. Lerch joins Mirriad from media giant Alibaba, where he served as Business Development Director for Youku Tudou – China’s leading streaming platform and a key Mirriad partner. The second largest ad market in the world, China is seeing faster evolution and adoption due to increased competition from high stakes digital distributors and mobile users.

• GM India: Bharat Vijay Zende ventures from Google where he launched the YouTube Partner Program in India before serving as Engagement Program Manager and later Regional Sales and Business Development lead. As the fastest growing ad market with the largest millennial population on the planet, India is going after growth, especially in the entertainment space on TV. Star India, a division of News Corporation, is currently utilizing Mirriad technology in market to add fresh high value inventory to the majority of its channels.

• GM Brazil: Ana Paula Santamaria Zeizer brings 18 years of media experience to her role as General Manager for Mirriad operations in Brazil. As Sales Director for Snapchat Brazil, Zeizer was responsible for helping scale and shape a rapidly growing sales team while introducing a culture of communication focused on the “ad skip generation” — experience that makes her well-suited to lead Mirriad’s growth in the largest advertising market in Latin America.

“As the world continues to shift to digital, disruptive advertising is challenging every market. Consumers are using more sophisticated ad-blockers and increasingly suffering from ad blindness, and brands are in need of a more engaging and less disruptive form of advertising,” says CEO Mark Popkiewicz. “Mirriad’s continued growth is a testament to our position to solve these challenges – by pairing a remarkable set of technologies with a world class understanding of how premium content can be leveraged in the leading ad markets. We’re thrilled to welcome these incredibly talented individuals to the Mirriad team, each of whom is uniquely suited to further drive this growth in key markets.”

More information about Mirriad can be found at www.Mirriad.com

About Mirriad Advertising Ltd
Launched in 2008 with a mission to revolutionize video advertising for the skip generation – people who skip, block or ignore video advertising on TV, online and on mobiles. Mirriad’s patented technologies use computer vision technologies to offer a scalable new standard in advertising where brands are integrated as ad units across highly viewed multi-title content and campaigns managed against reach and frequency. The resulting native in-video advertising is impactful and engaging whilst being relevant and authentic. Mirriad’s native in-video ads work across all three screens and can be traded in the same way as other mainstream advertising inventory.

Mirriad works with major US content producers and with leading broadcasters and video distributors in the world’s largest advertising markets. Mirriad is the chosen native in-video ad provider for Youku, China’s leading entertainment platform. Mirriad’s investors include IP Group PLC, Unilever Ventures and Parkwalk Funds and has offices in London, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai.

Rebekah Audic, Global Head of Marketing

James. J. Lerch, GM China

Ana Paula Santamaria Zeizer, GM Brazil

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