Freshwrapp: Using in-video ads to drive brand consideration

Freshwrapp: Using in-video ads to drive brand consideration


Freshwrapp wanted to use its TV ad budget to engage female consumers 25 to 55 years old in India. It turned to Mirriad, which offers in-video advertising technology that seamlessly embeds brands in television programming. Freshwrapp’s goal was to find out how well these in-video placements drove the brand’s KPIs.


Mirriad embedded Freshwrapp assets in six prime-time TV dramas running on Star Plus.The assets were inserted into the most contextually relevant scenes to capture viewer attention. Mirriad’s technology successfully delivered Freshwrapp’s brand message at scale across 19 episodes with 24 embedded ad units.

Research methodology

The research objective was to measure the performance of Mirriad embeds over the results gained from the ad unexposed audience. Kantar IMRB conducted an advertising effectiveness study to understand both how well the Ad format drove brand KPI’s as well as opinions of the new advertising format.


Brand Awareness 93% Up 23PPT

Brand Consideration 90% Up 22PPT

Brand Favorability 75% Up 7PPT

Liked ad format 99%

Format a natural fit 97%

Percent point increase exposed group vs control group. Sample: 103control/99 exposed, CLT survey amongst 25-55 yrs. Jan 2019. *Very Likely