PepsiCo Labs looks to cutting edge ad tech to stay ahead, featuring Mirriad’s in-content solution

PepsiCo Labs looks to cutting edge ad tech to stay ahead, featuring Mirriad’s in-content solution

PepsiCo Labs’ dedication to fostering innovation see’s them focus on virtual experiences and new methods of product integration, as they look to the future.

February 24 2021: Marketing Dive reports that PepsiCo Labs venture is “placing its media bets” on more “digitally orientated and direct-to-consumer” advertising. Mirriad’s in-content advertising solution is among the exciting companies PepsiCo Labs are enlisting as they look beyond traditional ads.

Marketing Dive reports:

“PepsiCo hasn’t been shy about where it’s placing its media bets following a year that saw a stark acceleration of cord-cutting and e-commerce adoption. As the owner of Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Frito-Lay adjusts for a more digitally oriented and direct-to-consumer (DTC) future, it’s relying on outside expertise to fill gaps in its knowledge and help brands engage people operating in increasingly ad-free environments like subscription video on-demand platforms (SVODs).”

“We understand that the marketplace continues to fragment, that media consumption is very different than what it was five, 10 years ago,” said Kate Brady, head of media innovation and partnership development at PepsiCo, told Marketing Dive. “It’s a core focus of ours to make sure that, whatever we’re doing, we’re future-proofing our business to ensure we can stay connected with our audiences.”

Speaking on PepsiCo’s partnership with Mirriad, Brady said:

“Mirriad offers a solution where we can connect with our consumers in the content that they’re actually already engaged in,” Brady noted that traditional product placement, while effective, is often a long process that involves fixed assets that are difficult to change, whereas Mirriad offers a solution with infinite possibilities and limitless creativity that challenges the art of the possible when it comes to in-content advertising.

“Because it’s digitally inserted, we can adapt the creative,” Brady said. “If it’s an older piece of content, it might be an older package; this offers us the opportunity to update the assets to be very current and to the right message that we’re trying to speak to now, and ideally, to be able to serve specific messages based on targeting cues as well.”

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