In-content advertising in Food and Drink related content is giving brands

In-content advertising in Food and Drink related content is giving brands

June 15, 2021: What makes Mirriad’s AI and computer vision technology unique—besides the fact it’s patent protected, meaning no one else can do what we can—is its ability to give brands relevance by scanning content for contextual data, including by emotion, embed type, and locale. This allows us to identify the perfect contextual fit for brands to appear in content across the entertainment spectrum.

So if you’re an ice cream brand then we can search our inventory by locale to find the opportunities and scenes that your campaign will resonate in most, whether it’s at the beach, in the kitchen or the supermarket. We’re also able to identify other factors, like the emotional context of the scene, allowing us to target consumers in brand new ways, such as only showing your product in scenes where people are happy, which can help to lift brand affinity and purchase intent.

Ad space accounts for just 6% of the video that audiences are consuming on a daily basis. On the flip side, a whopping 94% of this daily video consumption is content (according to Thinkbox research). Mirriad embeds brands into this untapped space, making brands feel like a native part of the entertainment that audiences are choosing to spend their time in. Put simply, we create ads people like because they don’t really feel like ads at all.

Our frictionless campaign activation process means brands and agencies can:

  • Schedule in-content advertising as you would any media buy.
  • Engage with viewers in ad free, brand-safe, skip-safe environments when they’re most engaged.
  • Stand out with unlimited creativity and brand exclusivity.

The outstanding results speak for themselves, with Kantar backed research from four live Mirriad campaigns between 2019 and 2021 in food and drink relevant content — including our Tecate partnership — driving unprecedented increases in key brand KPI’s including brand awareness and consideration. 

These case studies once again show that consumers overwhelming approved of the Mirriad format, with 86% of consumers saying they liked the format, 76% saying it was a natural fit to the content, and 73% saying that it made the brand more appealing.