Mirriad signs new contract with US-based tier one entertainment and media giant

Mirriad signs new contract with US-based tier one entertainment and media giant

October 28, 2020: Mirriad, the computer vision, technology and AI platform company, is pleased to announce it has today signed a new two-year commercial agreement with one of the largest and best-known US-based content producers and distributors which has significant global reach.

This new agreement provides a set commercial framework for Mirriad to start working with this new global partner to develop its in-video advertising on a number of popular entertainment series, with a view to expanding its in-video advertising into additional content over time.

Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad, said: “This breakthrough commercial agreement with this tier one partner is yet another indicator of how our technology is increasingly recognised as a major game-changer by the biggest global players in the world of media and entertainment. Finalising this agreement, despite all of the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, is testament to how compelling our technology is as a proposition, and how the Mirriad team continues to deliver effectively.”

“This agreement is a decisive step forward in expanding Mirriad’s US and global footprint, opening up some of the most exciting content imaginable in the world’s biggest advertising market to our patented in-video advertising technology. Following the positive recent agreements with the likes of Tastemade, Fuse media and Meredith, this significant milestone for such a household name builds on the fantastic momentum the company is seeing under our ambitious new strategy.”

While there is no immediate income linked to the signing of this agreement, it instead sets out the terms and conditions for doing business. It covers both network syndication and streaming, allowing the new tier one partner to expand the use of Mirriad’s technology to any of its US distribution platforms and content.

In the first phase, four high rating programmes are being cleared for release to the advertising market.

Building on the momentum generated by this important announcement, Mirriad will now seek to develop its ongoing discussions with other leading entertainment and media partners in the US.