Mirriad launches the Music Alliance connecting artists, brands and fans

Mirriad launches the Music Alliance connecting artists, brands and fans

November 13, 2020: Computer vision and AI-powered in-video advertising company Mirriad have announced the launch of the Mirriad Music Alliance, a coalition dedicated to bringing the worlds of marketing and music together to grow creative and financial opportunities for artists in the industry by placing brands into music content. At launch, Mirriad is working with a number of labels, managers and artists including independent music companies such as Red Light Management and B-Unique Records. These relationships bring brands access to a diverse roster of thousands of global artists.

The initiative is a creative solution for major challenges faced by both the music industry and marketers. For artists, the Alliance opens a new revenue stream, particularly important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in lost income from live performance and associated merchandise sales. For marketers needing to engage audiences in an era of fragmented media and ad avoidance, the Alliance allows them to weave their narratives and brand imagery into artists’ music videos and other content and connect with fans in an authentic, unobtrusive way that is proven to lift key performance indicators such as awareness, consideration and consumption.

With the Alliance, Mirriad is creating an artist-focused revenue generation model that reflects and respects the value of artist’s work. The initiative enables musicians and video producers to use the company’s powerful AI-based technology to unleash their creativity and build new visual worlds while, at the same time, they leverage Mirriad’s relationships with a host of brands and agencies to better monetize their art by selling brand integrations in both new videos and back-catalogue content. Ultimately, the Alliance seeks to redefine the relationships between artists, brands, labels and fans, striking a harmonious balance in which advertisers gain cultural legitimacy and artists monetize without selling out.

The sheer number of ads we’re confronted with every day is so staggering that people are increasingly tuning them out. Whether they’re using ad blockers, subscribing to ad-free video on demand services or simply ignoring them, the impact is disastrous for brands,” said Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad. “The Mirriad Music Alliance is excited to give brands a new and scalable way to reach relevant artists’ passionate fan bases, and with a long-term commitment and sustained interaction, build strong relationships on these foundations.”

We are excited to partner with Mirriad and feel privileged to be at the cutting edge opening up an innovative medium of new revenue in the music community,” said James Sandom, Managing Director of Red Light Management in the U.K. “Mirriad’s technology addresses the challenges of monetizing content while putting the artists first, giving them greater control in the direction and nature of partnerships within their content. We’re confident that connecting the worlds of marketing and music will add value to artists in scaling their business, while also offering brands a way to naturally immerse themselves in impactful campaigns without interrupting the experience for fans.”

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Mirriad to create a proof of concept video with the band Kodaline, and were incredibly proud of the result, which was notably created entirely in lockdown,” said B-Unique co-founder, Martin Toher. “That experience showed us the worth, creativity and seamlessness Mirriad’s technology provides. It’s going to be an invaluable tool for the industry that’s seeking lucrative and dynamic opportunities to support its artists.”