Lumen wins award at European Innovation Council using Mirriad’s computer vision technology

Lumen wins award at European Innovation Council using Mirriad’s computer vision technology

NEW YORK, NY, April 16, 2019: Computer vision and AI-powered platform company, Mirriad, and attention technology company, Lumen, have been recognized with an award by the European Innovation Council for their collaborative approach to pre-testing point-of-sale (POS) materials, enabling customers to see designs in context.

Lumen uses eye tracking to measure and predict the reality of visual engagement, while Mirriad brings brands to the forefront in TV and digital content by seamlessly embedding advertising in premium entertainment. Featuring award-winning computer vision and mapping technology, Mirriad allows advertisers to reach engaged audiences in a contextually relevant way.

For brands and retailers, advertising to shoppers in a contextual way is essential. However, the process they have to go through to accomplish this often results in live tests or the creation of 3D virtual stores, which can be very expensive and highly disruptive. Lumen and Mirriad teamed up to change that. Using Mirriad’s cinematic quality ad insertions, Lumen was able to edit and manipulate a short film of a shopping trip, to swap header boards in and shelf barkers out at will. Then, using its accurate eye tracking technology to identify a shopper’s point of focus, Lumen was able to optimize for best product placement, in an easy and more scalable way.

“We are pleased to see Mirriad’s technology being used in innovative ways around the world and we are honored to have our technology recognized by these esteemed awards. Partnering with Lumen has allowed us to enter a new space, providing a fast, efficient, and innovative solution for POS testing,” said Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad.

“Mirriad’s technology has opened up a whole new type of market research,” said Mike Follett, Managing Director at Lumen. “In-context testing of marketing materials was thought to be not only invaluable, but impossible. Mirriad has made the impossible come true.”

About Mirriad

Mirriad is an established computer vision and AI-powered platform company, built on Academy-Award winning entertainment tech, with 14 patents.

Using sophisticated technologies, Mirriad connects people with brands, through seamless ad insertions in popular linear and digital content. Advertisers can now reach very large target audiences in a contextually relevant way without interrupting the viewing experience. Research has consistently shown in-video advertising to be highly effective for the marketer and preferred by audiences.

Mirriad is headquartered in London, with offices in New York, Paris, Munich, Mumbai, and Shanghai.