Lexus Leverages Mirriad’s Virtual Product Placement to Drive Brand Awareness Among Multicultural and LGBTQIA+ Audiences

Lexus Leverages Mirriad’s Virtual Product Placement to Drive Brand Awareness Among Multicultural and LGBTQIA+ Audiences

LONDON and NEW YORK – May 26, 2022 – Mirriad, the leading in-content advertising company powered by Academy Award Winning AI technology, today announced its latest campaigns with Lexus through in-content music video activations. The partnership takes Lexus’ advertising capabilities to the next level, unlocking scalable access into the music industry in a way that traditional product placement has fallen short, and builds on the teams’ recent collaboration for the 2nd Annual B.I.G. Dinner Gala in honor of Biggie’s 50th birthday celebration. To date in 2022, Lexus and Mirriad have developed brand placements across four music videos, enabling Lexus to effectively reach key multicultural and LGBTQIA+ audiences. 

Today, brands face numerous challenges when leveraging in-content advertising to reach audiences. For Lexus, the majority of content that reaches their multicultural target audiences is filmed abroad. Additionally, ongoing supply chain issues and inventory shortages have made the option of traditional product placement more challenging. Given the flexibility of Mirriad’s creative formats, ads are no longer limited to physical placements during the time of filming. Now, signage, video and virtual products, like vehicles, can be placed in post-production with Mirriad’s technology. 

“At Lexus, we’re committed to reaching consumers through content that is meaningful and authentic to ensure that we’re meeting our audiences where they are, in a non-disruptive way,” said Mia Phillips, Senior Manager of Advertising and Media at Lexus. “With Mirriad’s AI technology, we’re able to create those experiences while simultaneously expanding our brand reach. We’ve seen proven results across all of the in-content campaigns we’ve executed with Mirriad over the last six months and are confident in the continued success.” 

Mirriad recently partnered with Sony Music Latin to insert Lexus signage into the music video for a prominent Latin artist’s latest single. The video features creative from the Shine Your Way Everyday campaign, Lexus’ in-market campaign targeted toward LGBTQIA+ audiences. Since the video premiered, the campaign has resulted in a 14 percent increase in brand awareness, as compared to an audience unexposed to the same ads, and an eight percent increase in brand purchase consideration, according to Kantar. The partnership has proven to have the intended reach, with the results for both brand and ad awareness strongest for those who felt sexual orientations were featured positively in the video.  

Mirriad and Lexus also collaborated on music videos for South Asian-American pop artists Mickey Singh and Jonita Gandhi, through Mirriad’s partnership with TreeHouse VHT. Addressing the challenge of placing a vehicle within the content, Mirriad’s technology enabled a 3D placement of Lexus’ LX model in Singh’s official music video for Nachle 101 and the behind-the-scenes video. Additionally, Lexus video creative and signage was featured throughout Signh’s videos and Gandhi’s official music video for Hauli Hauli. Additionally, Mirriad and Lexus ran a television campaign with ItalkBB in the Chinese language program: Legally Romance. Mirriad integrated signage and 3D Lexus models within content, for a total of 15 integrations throughout the series. Mirriad’s extensive content library enabled Lexus to reach AAPI and Hispanic audiences through content that otherwise would be inaccessible. 

“For multicultural artists and creators, establishing partnerships with major brands takes up a lot of time and effort, and the outcomes don’t always show value,” said Jay Skilly, CEO of TreeHouse VHT. “In working with a company like Mirriad, that prioritizes amplifying minority artists and creators, we’ve been able to identify moments within music videos that have high-impact for brands and are authentic to artists, their music and their audiences.”

“We are proud to work with Lexus as their team continues to allocate larger portions of their advertising budgets to empower young, diverse creators,” said Maria Teresa Hernandez, VP of Sales and Brand Partnerships at Mirriad. “In Lexus, we’ve found a partner who understands how to reach their audiences in a relevant way while also highlighting minority voices. The success of these campaigns paved the way for our most recent activation during Biggie’s 50th birthday celebration, where Lexus was able to take a traditional campaign activation and amplify it by leveraging Mirriad’s AI technology.”