Knorr: Increasing top of mind awareness

Knorr: Increasing top of mind awareness


Knorr was seeking a powerful new advertising format to quickly drive awareness during a key campaign period.


Knorr chose MyTVSuper’s popular TV drama ”Come Home Love Lo and Behold“ to reach its target audience. Mirriad embedded their ad units into the most contextually relevant scenes across 10 episodes, and Mirriad’s technology successfully delivered Knorr’s signage and products in the existing shows. The campaign successfully reached the target audience, reaching over 3M impressions.


Impressions 3.1M

Recall in-video ad 48%

Brand Awareness 34% Up 4PPT

Source: Percent point increase post campaign group vs pre campaign group. Research by MyTVsuper. Sample: 39,555 pre campaign/17,303 post campaign, online survey amongst who watched “Come Home Love Lo and Behold