In-video advertising comes to China

In-video advertising comes to China

This week Mirriad unveils a new ad unit, available to brands and advertisers across the globe. You can read more about the news here.

But this global launch comes on the heels of some great work conducted in China. Recently Mirriad’s China offices ran a massive video advertising campaign for Tangeche, one of China’s leading auto leasing companies. The goal was to enlist younger drivers to download its new app, and the campaign ran on Alibaba-owned video entertainment platform Youku, China’s version of YouTube.

Tangeche recognized the value of using Mirriad’s non-skippable format to deliver natural brand exposure within content. The company’s ads appeared everywhere across Youku’s hit dramas and popular variety shows, achieving successful target audience metrics.

The campaign was backed by independent research that was commissioned by Tangeche and conducted by Chinese measurement company Miaozhen Systems. Ultimately, the in-video ads showed highly favorable results (particularly with younger demographics 18-24), indicating that in-video brand messaging can leave a lasting impression on Millennials and younger generations.

The results showed a highly effective advertising campaign and an in-video ad format that resonated well with viewers. Featuring embedded advertising in over 300 episodes across over 20 different shows, the campaign delivered nearly 800 million impressions and considerable lift in brand visibility during its 5 month duration. Overall, Tangeche saw a 17 point brand uplift with 58 percent of the target viewers favorably recalling the ads.

The campaign demonstrates Mirriad’s scalable video technology, and confirms the effectiveness of in-video advertising that delivers great brand value without interrupting the viewing experience.