Edison TV discuss Mirriad’s latest Tier One US partner agreement with CEO Stephan Beringer

Edison TV discuss Mirriad’s latest Tier One US partner agreement with CEO Stephan Beringer

July 6 2021: Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad Advertising, speaks to Fiona Orford-Williams (Director TMT, Edison Group) about the partnership agreement struck with a major US media agency and why the US market is so important. Read the full RNS release on the announcement below:

Mirriad, the leading in-content advertising company, has today entered a two-year commercial partnership with a tier one North American media agency.

The non-exclusive agreement will accelerate the company’s adoption of the in-content advertising format powered by Mirriad’s patented technology.

With over $1 billion placed in media annually and vast experience in delivering media buying strategies, the company will work with Mirriad to expand the market for in-video advertising by introducing it to partner agencies and clients. Alongside this, both parties will look to mutually identify partners that would best benefit from Mirriad’s award-winning solution.

The terms of the commercial partnership initially encompass in-content campaigns in the US, but also include the ambition to expand to additional markets in future.

Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad, said: “This agreement sees Mirriad partnering with a company currently managing some of the largest and most diverse media positions in the industry. It allows us to leverage the strong relationships that company has with its clients and other advertising and marketing partners.

“This is a new route to delivering in-content opportunities to an increasing number of advertisers and agencies across the important US market and beyond, highlighting an additional pathway for our business to scale. Alongside working with new partners, we are focused on further developing Mirriad’s platform and our unique ability to generate new revenue streams with an advertising solution that enhances the viewing experience, rather than interrupting it.”