Ctrip: Driving brand awareness and consideration

Ctrip: Driving brand awareness and consideration


Ctrip, one of China’s biggest online travel agencies, wanted to amplify their online TV campaign on Tencent by running Mirriad in-video ads in the popular drama, ‘Over the Sea I Come to You’. Ctrip’s goal was to drive brand awareness and increase brand consideration for Ctrip as well as convert the audience to Ctrip users.


Ctrip assets were embedded in Tencent’s popular drama, ‘Over the Sea I Come to You’, in the most contextually relevant scenes. Outdoor posters, lightboxes and bus ads were inserted into scenes identified by Mirriad’s advanced technology to ensure the best exposure for viewer attention.

Research methodology

The research objective was to measure the performance of Mirriad embeds over the results gained from the ad unexposed audience. Kantar conducted an advertising effectiveness study to understand both how well the ad format drove brand KPI’s as well as opinions of the Mirriad ad format.


Top of mind awareness +17 PPT

Recommendation of brand +10 PPT

Brand consideration +10 PPT

Tencent members audience. Percent point increase unexposed vs exposed to Mirriad placements. Sample: 200control /200 exposed. Kantar survey amongst 18-45  & watched online videos in last month . Aug 2019.