As Amazon and NBC Enter Virtual Product Placement and In-Content Advertising Space, Mirriad’s Technology Is the Leading Proven Solution

As Amazon and NBC Enter Virtual Product Placement and In-Content Advertising Space, Mirriad’s Technology Is the Leading Proven Solution

With recent reports that Amazon and NBCU/Peacock are entering the in-content advertising space, it is exciting to see the opportunity within the area grow. Mirriad leads this new advertising category in a landscape that has been unexplored by others until recent months.

Mirriad Is the In-content Advertising Leader

Mirriad has run hundreds of integrations across a wide range of network partners over the last ten years, connecting advertisers to their target audiences through campaigns with high-impact results. Mirriad’s proprietary AI-technology has been granted 35 patents and won an Academy Award in 2011.

With our vast network of partners and a large roster of brands that have activated over Mirriad’s extensive history of in-content advertising, it is without question that Mirriad’s proprietary platform is the leader in the virtual product placement space. Our vast experience across multiple content verticals provides a turnkey and scalable solution to reach a wide range of audience segments.

Mirriad has also successfully activated campaigns specifically geared toward minority audiences such as LGBTQIA+ and Multicultural with exceptional results. The breadth of our partnerships and experience working with top-tier advertisers provides valuable proprietary and institutional knowledge that cannot be replicated.


Mirriad’s Virtual Product Placement Campaigns Fuel High Results

Through numerous studies that independently measure Mirriad’s in-content advertising campaigns, results have shown significant increases in campaign performance.

Overall, Mirrad-run campaigns increased brand reach by up to 44%, increased ad awareness by 27 ppt, brand affinity by 14 ppt, and consumption by 16 ppt.

With a strong network of supply partners across TV, Digital, VOD, Music Videos, and Influencer channels, Mirriad has defined the best-in-class strategy for planning, executing, and scaling in-content advertising campaigns. Some of Mirriad’s top network partners include Hallmark, Univision, A&E, Tastemade, Channel 4, France TV, Tencent, FujiTV, and Influential with many more and new partners continually signing on. This expansive access to content at scale is creating a powerful new marketing platform for our brand partners, resulting in access to over 40,000 hours of programming.


Image of a content scene with a Doordash product embedded into the scene

With Proven Success, Mirriad Is Not a Beta Platform

Mirriad has long established a sustainable and scalable framework to activate in-content advertising campaigns. These formats include virtual product placement and brand signage, as well as custom forms of brand integration. Mirriad executes a large variety of campaigns including 3D vehicles, full storefronts, video in video, and more. The creative possibilities are endless.

Our recently published white paper comprehensively examines the ROI and campaign results shown throughout Mirriad’s robust in-content advertising experience. The study illustrates the substantial reach of Mirriad’s in-content placements when used in tandem with traditional TV ad spots, spurring tremendous business growth for brands.

Kantar’s Future Proof Podcast also highlights key points about ROI and business growth through Mirriad’s in-content advertising in a discussion with Mirriad’s Head of Research, Tim Jones.

Mirriad Uses Customer Insight for Future Campaigns

Across dozens of brand lift studies spanning many client categories, viewers prefer in-content advertising formats to other more disruptive advertising formats, which drives appeal and awareness for brands. Mirriad uses the comprehensive insights from these studies to inform campaign strategies for our brand partners.

As shown consistently across all Mirriad in-content advertising campaigns, respondents found the brand placements to be naturally fitting and contextually relevant. 80% of viewers say they like the ad format and viewers also prefer in-content advertising 7x more than TV spots.

Mirriad Celebrates the Adoption of In-Content Advertising, Virtual Product Placement, and Digital Brand Integrations

As media companies embrace these new ad formats to reach audiences across today’s fragmented video landscape, Mirriad strongly supports these new entrants to further accelerate the adoption of in-content advertising. Brands, media agencies, content owners, and viewers all have an elevated experience through in-content advertising.

Activating with Mirriad


Mirriad offers a streamlined, easy-to-activate process.  We have activated campaigns within two weeks from initial conversations to execution and have run campaigns within hours of deal confirmation.

With our extensive knowledge, expertise, and proven history of successful high-impact campaigns, Mirriad is the ultimate solution for in-content advertising and virtual product placement.

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