A new in-depth report highlights the power of Hispanic audiences

A new in-depth report highlights the power of Hispanic audiences

National Hispanic American Heritage Month lands from Sept 15th – Oct 15th 2021, a timely opportunity for brands to reach Hispanic audiences through in-video advertising that celebrates culture and delivers proven results. With the U.S. Hispanic population expected to grow from 60 million to over 140 million by 2050, and with $2.6 Trillion GDP (growing 72% faster than the economy overall), their increasing spending power and influence on media in the United States can not be underestimated.

The 2021 Hispanic Digital Fact Pack report by leading U.S. digital media company H Code, is shedding new light on Hispanic consumer behaviour. The report is packed with key learnings, like the fact that Hispanics are enthusiastic tech users and consumers of digital content, with the majority reporting spending at least 1 hour more on activities like streaming TV and movies than they did prior to the pandemic. But the report’s biggest takeaway for brands is that 71% of Hispanics are more likely to think favourably about a brand or purchase products if they make an effort to include elements of their specific culture and support their community.

Key takeaways for brands from the Hispanic Digital Fact Pack:

  • 74% are more likely to purchase from a brand that supports their community or causes you care about.
  • 60% are more likely to switch brands to a more expensive one if they share your views on helping the community and the environment.
  • 71% think it’s about time that brands recognise the power of the Latinx community.
  • 70% say they do not think brands target Latinxs enough or understand Latinx culture.
  • 71% believe that if a brand makes an effort to include elements of their culture, they are more likely to think favorable of them or purchase their products.
  • 71% say once they find a brand I like, they stay loyal to that brand.

The study also showed that 78% of Hispanics don’t think brands target them enough. Mirriad’s in-content solution helps brands target audiences by appearing during relevant moments in relevant content, without disrupting viewing experiences. It’s also proven to increase brand loyalty, brand affinity, and purchase intent. Here’s how!

Mirriad offers a seamless and organic way to reach hispanic audiences in the entertainment they’re already choosing to watch across TV, Digital, as well as music video and social content from chart topping Latin music artists. By integrating into the content Hispanic audiences love, Mirriad allows brands to immerse themselves authentically, becoming a part of Hispanic culture in a genuine way, rather than emulating it. Brands are able to lean into a variety of versatile integration formats with limitless creative potential, like signage which can be utilised to effortless tweak existing campaign messaging into Spanish language within content where it feels natural.

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Pioneering, patented Mirriad AI technology scans content for context and sentiment, moment by moment, allowing brands to appear in exactly the right place at the right time – and critically with the right audience. This bespoke technology allows for advanced targeting that authentically connects brands with customers at scale and at speed in a way filmed product placement can not – a huge leap forward for the adverting industry.

“It’s a priority for Mirriad to authentically align brands to not only the right