Mirriad’s award-winning solution unleashes
new revenue for content producers and
distributors by creating new advertising
inventory in content.

Monetization opportunities for content

Engage viewers with an
uninterrupted experience

Cinematic quality ads inserted
seamlessly after content is produced

Non-intrusive on set,
unlike product placement

Flexible and replaceable advertising
in content

Mirriad captures audiences when they are emotionally engaged

Broadcasters/Digital Publishers we work with

Broadcasters we work with

"Ultimately tailor product placements to individual viewers' interests"


"Supercharged version of digital product placement"

New York Times

"AI is digitally pasting products into your favorite films and TV"

New Scientist

"Condé Nast signs video-first deal with ad tech company Mirriad"

Business Insider

"In-video brand insertion will soon be viewer-targeted"


"China’s Tencent will seamlessly embed video ads into movies"


"Emotional scenes with brand insertions in content elicit significant lift in price valuation"

Campaign US

"Sadness, Romance, or Disgust? Research puts brands in emotional context"

Media Post

Mirriad’s technology is mind blowing.

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Juan Ignacio Chirinos, Creative Director, Miami Ad School

Brand safe, unskippable, unblockable impressions with a great wow factor helping monetize an existing library of content.

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Jodi Chisarick, SVP, General Sales Manager, Disney

When we wanted to promote our prime products in our LG Signature range to audiences in premium content, we chose Mirriad. They executed our campaigns in a contextually relevant way and at scale. This will revolutionize advertising.

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Jong Hoon Kim, Head of Brand & Media, LG Electronics

We successfully reached our target audience and hit measurable results in brand lift.

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Chen Qi, VP, Tangeche

The Ford DNA is highly centered around constant innovation and using the latest tech solutions… It found a unique solution to create a content-driven opportunity using Mirriad tech to enhance its brand positioning.

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Mauricio Greco, Director of Marketing, Ford

Mirriad insertions help the network monetize programming… and allows brands to expose themselves to audiences in a way that is meaningful, authentic and simple to execute.

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Luis De La Parra, SVP Partner Solutions, Univision

Innovation sets us apart. Mirriad is one of those innovations.

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Tracy Quitasol, Managing Director, OMD

Mirriad's technology has opened up a whole new type of market research. In-context testing of marketing materials was thought to be invaluable, but impossible. Mirriad has made the impossible come true.

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Mike Follett, Managing Director, Lumen