Mirriad Survey Shows Non-Interruptive Ads Better to Preserve Social Engagement


New York – April 20, 2017 – People are far less likely to view, like or share a video on social media when faced with interruptive advertising. According to a new ORC international survey released today by video monetization tech leader Mirriad, more than half of viewers say interruptive pre- and mid-roll ads impact their likelihood to engage with content on social media, and 57% percent say they’ve been tempted or have abandoned a social platform altogether as a result of this advertising.


Digital advertising spending is expected to overtake TV in 2017, and social media is seen as the new frontier of video with platforms vying for a share of the advertising dollars. In the race to monetize social videos, platforms have begun experimenting with various disruptive ads that play pre or mid-roll – but this new data suggests this approach isn’t the solution for social channels.


The survey also reveals a promising alternative to disruptive pre-roll and mid-roll ads, as respondents reported far more tolerance to less intrusive forms of advertising like native in-video advertising. Faced with these alternatives, the impact on viewing and engaging with video content on social media is cut nearly in half.


“Social video represents an incredible opportunity for brands, and with shared ad revenue viewers will also benefit from higher quality content – if only we can crack the code. It’s still the Wild West for social media advertising, but it’s becoming clear that people engage with video content far differently on Facebook or Twitter than they do with their televisions or even video streaming channels. So it makes sense that they respond to advertising differently too.” says Mark Popkiewicz, Mirriad CEO. “Disruptive ads that pull them out of the experience have a real impact on their likelihood to watch, like or share the video – a vital aspect of the social experience.”


Mirriad’s patented native-in-video technology integrates high quality brand imagery directly into entertainment content as ad units, and could provide the ideal opportunity for brands to reach a wide audience on social media while preserving the viewer experience.  This approach is gaining momentum in China, where the video market is expected to quadruple by 2020. Alibaba’s YouKu, China’s leading streaming service, leverages NIVA for audiences growing weary of an oversaturation of pre-roll ads. Mirriad’s patented NIVA technology makes it possible to integrate high quality brand imagery directly into the entertainment content – rather than interrupting before or after it. As a result, Youku’s content is available to brands as ad inventory that can be traded in the same way as traditional media.


Additional key findings from the ORC International survey include:

  • More than half of viewers will skip a video in its entirety when faced with pre-roll ads, and mid-roll ads fare worse: 60% abandon the video once the ad starts playing and only 5% will share it
  • Disruptive advertising on social media content impacts likelihood to like and share videos on social media- a key path to content discovery on social channels. Nearly half of people say a pre-roll ad on social media makes them less likely to like the video (44%) or share the video (46%); over half of people say a mid-roll ad on social media makes them less likely to like the video (57%) or share the video (59%)
  • Less intrusive advertising is a viable alternative – particularly for millennials. Nearly half as many people (24%) are likely to skip a video if faced with less intrusive advertising; Only 32% of people say less intrusive ads would impact their likelihood of sharing a video.
  • Fifty-seven percent of viewers say they have been tempted or have abandoned a social platform based on advertising disruption; and 60% of Millennials have done the same


More information about Mirriad can be found at www.Mirriad.com


About the Survey:

The survey of 1,018 adults was conducted by ORC International. This online omnibus was live March 13-15, 2017.


About Mirriad Advertising Ltd

Launched in 2008 with a mission to revolutionize video advertising for the skip generation – people who skip, block or ignore video advertising on TV, online and on mobiles. Mirriad’s patented technologies use computer vision technologies to offer a scalable new standard in advertising where brands are integrated as ad units across highly viewed multi-title content and campaigns managed against reach and frequency. The resulting native in-video advertising is impactful and engaging whilst being relevant and authentic. Mirriad’s native in-video ads work across all three screens and can be traded in the same way as other mainstream advertising inventory.


Mirriad works with with major US content producers and with leading broadcasters and video distributors in the world’s largest advertising markets. Mirriad is the chosen native in-video ad provider for Youku, China’s leading entertainment platform.  Mirriad’s investors include IP Group PLC, Unilever Ventures and Parkwalk Funds and has offices in London, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai.

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