Tangeche: Building awareness and increasing consideration with young drivers


Tangeche was launching a new auto-leasing app for mobile users, and wanted to target young drivers.


Tangeche chose Youku – China’s leading entertainment platform – to reach their target audience via Youku’s premium video content. Mirriad collaborated with Tangeche and Youku to create an innovative in-video ad campaign that embedded Tangeche’s brand messages into the most contextually relevant scenes across more than 20 different shows over five months.

This large-scale campaign successfully reached the target audience, and hit Tangeche’s awareness and consideration goals. 

“We successfully reached our target audience, and hit measurable results in brand lift.”


VP Tangeche 


Impressions NEARLY 800M

Brand awareness 58% Up 17PPT

Brand Intention Up 3X* – EXPOSED V UNEXPOSED

Follow-up action 94%

SOURCE: Research by Miaozhen Systems, as commissioned by Tangeche  * Percent point increase exposed group vs control group.. Sample: 300 control/500 exposed, online survey amongst 18–45 yrs who watched online TV dramas or variety shows Aug-Dec 2017.