Broadcaster integration for digital product placement

MirriAd announces new on-premise ‘Hub’

MirriAd Limited, the market leader in digital product placement, announces the launch of the ‘Hub’, an integrated solution for broadcasters.  MirriAd has developed a unique platform for the digital placement of branded imagery seamlessly into professional video that is scalable and can be managed by broadcasters directly. For the first time, broadcasters can enable large sales forces to sell product placement inventory whilst maintaining control of the content.

Leading brands have confirmed that previewing opportunities, understanding the context and knowing the precise size, position, and duration of the placement opportunity de-risks what can otherwise be considered a risky purchase.

The MirriAd Hub is a brand new concept and relies on a networked technology which empowers producer/broadcasters to cost effectively meet client needs for reliable and valuable placement in premium content.  The Hub handles media logistics locally, analyses video content, creates inventory suitable for contextual placements and then places it in a secure portal or ‘walled garden’ for sale.

A Hub located at a broadcaster’s premises devolves total control of the creative and commercial decision making to the sales and production teams with fast turnaround at minimal overhead. The Hub is provided by MirriAd as part of the service business model, requiring only minimal initial capital outlay from the broadcaster.

Seven Network, a leading national broadcaster in Australia, deployed a Hub in late spring 2011.  After initial trials, Seven launched the Hub Digital Product Placement service commercially in the middle of 2011, to great effect.  Today, Seven is placing brands digitally into several top rated shows and long running series.  The process is working seamlessly between production and sales organisations and has resulted in a fast growing new revenue stream for the network, having amortized the initial investment within the first six months of commercial operations.

The Hub uses MirriAd’s ZoneSense software technology running on local hardware central to which is a cluster of NVIDIA’s very high performance GPUs. This enables broadcasters to create inventory comprised of visuals at high speed combined with analytical and marketing data which can then be placed in an online Catalogue for sale to brands and agencies.  The Catalogue is integrated directly into the MirriAd platform and supports all the producer/broadcaster editorial approvals and compliance processes, thus ensuring that inventory offered to brands and agencies is ready to go.

Mark Popkiewicz, MirriAd CEO, said:

“Seven is a fast mover with high standards for production values and commercial operations.  They have deployed a new commercial process which fits seamlessly into their operations and the Hub is central to that.  We will be launching our new services such as MirriAd Analytics and the MirriAd Catalogue within Seven early in 2012.”

Kurt Burnette, Chief Sales & Digital Officer, Seven Media Group said:

“MirriAd has proven to be the leading technology in digital product placement.  The introduction of The Hub provides further ability for our customers to see exactly what, when and where integration can happen across Seven Network owned and produced properties, in advance and all in one place. Each program and opportunity can be carefully selected for its impact and relevance to the brand.

“MirriAd and Seven have been working together for 12 months and have fully developed the offer for the Australian market, ensuring the MirriAd and Seven offering remains the world’s best practice for advertisers.“


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About MirriAd

Launched in September 2007 by CEO, Mark Popkiewicz, previously a director of BBC Ventures, MirriAd aims to revolutionize product placement for the digital era.  MirriAd has developed an end to end solution able to digitally place brand imagery into any video on demand and at scale.  MirriAd’s digital placements have been extensively researched and proven to achieve excellent results for brands whilst positively impacting production values and the viewer experience on line and on TV.

Headquartered in London with offices in New York and Mumbai, MirriAd is privately owned with institutional investors including Oxford Technology Management, Oxford Capital Partners, STV Group PLC, Seraphim Capital and South East Growth Fund and notable angel investors Bruce Smith and Stephen Bullock.

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